Tapestry of Shadows Abstract
A David Martyn Conley Film presented by Munirah Filmworks, Inc.

Tapestry of Shadows is the story about choices. Vincent Purejoy is a young, principled minister who witnesses the violent death of a young girl caught in the crossfire of a neighborhood shooting. Traumatized by the images of this horrific event, Vincent resolves to keep watch on the neighborhood from his living room window. At the urging of his father, Cleo, and the challenge of Solomon Jennings, a neighborhood youth at the crossroads, Vincent is compelled to do something, anything to make the neighborhood safer. When another child is gunned down during retaliation shooting, Vincent decides that he and the church should go out to the streets and confront these drug dealers head on. When presented with the idea, the church officers refuse to assist Vincent in this fight. Vincent also meets opposition from his wife Beverly Purejoy. Beverly and the congregation are justifiably frightened by the thought of confronting these hoodlums. Vincent vows to take on the drug dealers alone.

This decision has a profound effect on Vincent, his marriage and his relationship with members of his congregation. His marriage suffers most. Beverly Purejoy tries desperately to convince her husband that his decision has put the entire family in jeopardy. She is frightened for Vincent and for herself. Meanwhile Vincent goes out to the street and ultimately faces his destiny. This lone act ultimately galvanizes the neighborhood against the evil killing them from within.Tapestry of Shadows is a story that challenges us to have the strength of our convictions. Are you truly who you say you are? This is a question that from time to time rises to test us all. It is a story about sacrifice, loss, and love. It is about choosing between vengeance and virtue, about tragedy and triumph. Tapestry of Shadows is about choices.







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