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    Rounding out the Cast:

    Johnnie Faye Fernandez Manny Miller
    Ron Wilkinson Cleo Purejoy
    Demetrius Clay Yusef
    Paris Crayton III Solomon Jennings
    Robert Nolan Clark Detective Maxwell
    Elaine Kluttz Martha Milhouse
    Al McDonald Clark Milhouse
    Sean Brasfield The Henchman
    Jamarcia Clay Ms. Wright
    Alexandria Hill Leslie Wright


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Munirah Entertainment

Tapestry of Shadows

TOS was accepted into the Hollywood Black Film Festival. 
Tapestry is one of the  Finalist. 
We will be in Beverly Hills June 4th through June 11th, 2007!

*St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association awarded Tapestry of Shadows
Runnerup for Best Drama and Winner for Best Ensemble Acting in the St. Louis Filmmaker's Showcase.

*St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase
July 23-26, 2006 Read More Here

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Tapestry of Shadows  Icon: Podcast

"David Martyn Conley tells stories. got him to tell us his own..."

" David takes behind the silver screen for some very candid answers. "

Download and Listen to this Podcast: conley.mp3


What do you do when you're caught between vengeance and virtue?

Munirah Entertainment is pleased to announce the completion of principal photography for Tapestry of Shadows a David Martyn Conley film. Shot entirely in and around St. Louis Missouri with a local cast and crew, Tapestry of Shadows is the story of Vincent Purejoy a preacher who is motivated to try and reclaim his inner city neighborhood from the thugs and drug dealers who have over run it, and the sacrifices his marriage and congregation must make along the way.

Tapestry of Shadows is a universal story of faith addressing many of the issues facing communities around the world today. Adapted from his play of the same name Tapestry of Shadows has been a labor of love for writer/director David Martyn Conley who takes on the role of Vincent Purejoy and breathes into him a true sense of the pain felt by many who see their communities crumbling around them. Cara Sevier plays Vincent's wife Beverly who struggles with wanting to support her husband and fearing what consequences his actions will bring.

The Crew

Executive Producer - David Martyn Conley

Executive Producer - Cara Sevier

Producer - Joe Farmer

Writer & Director - David Martyn Conley

Director of Photography - Jay A. Kelley









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