David Martyn Conley (Vincent Purejoy) would like to first give Honor to the Almighty God! He has been performing since the age of five and writing since the age of nine. A veteran of the stage, David has starred or been featured in many plays covering Shakespeare to August Wilson . While on theatre scholarship at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, David became the first student to write and direct his own play. That play was Tapestry of Shadows. (read more)

Cara Sevier (" Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a doctor. " This is the statement that had defined twenty-two years of life. In my mind, I knew I wanted to be prosperous on all levels. Therefore the picture of sheer success came in the idea of a doctor. It was only later in life, that I could articulate the real reason why I wanted to become a doctor.

"Doctors make lots of money." This was before I journeyed down that particular path. (read more)

Elaine Kluttz (Martha Milhouse) is first and foremost a brilliant creation of the Most High God. Forged throughout her life journey, she has had a diverse background of endeavors and experiences. She is a graduate of the Jewish Hospital School of Nursing. Imbued with the spirit of enterprise, Elaine has owned and operated several successful businesses including a residential care facility, a Certified Nurse Assistant training program and network marketing ventures. (read more)

Paris Crayton III has been acting, singing, writing and dancing since he was a child. His love for entertainment stemmed from not having other siblings when he was young and finding creative ways to entertain himself. Paris has been in many mainstage shows in and around the St. Louis area. He has also worked with some of the major theatre companies here. He is on tour now with the hit gospel play "A Woman's Worth" starring the soul stirring Ann Nesby from the "Sounds of Blackness" and Dorien Wilson from the hit T.V. show "The Parkers." (read more)
Demetrius Clay attended Central Missouri State University, after college Mr. Clay, continued to write poetry, lyrics and producing music. He is married and has a beautiful family. He always had a love for the movies, and always spoke of oneday being an actor. The Tapestries of Shadows , under the direction of David Conley, is Mr. Clay's acting debut. (read more)
Ja'Marcia Clay, born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, she attended Paseo Academy HighSchool of the Performing and Visual Arts. Mrs. Clay, majored in Dance and Dance Theatre, under the direction of Elaine Enyard, Ingrid Hadley, Dennis Walker , Liz Ernst and Deborah Maher. She has performed in several school productions such as, The Gift Of the Magi, the NutCracker , and several Dance recitals. Mrs. Clay won a scholarship competing in a national fine arts competition, and has had poetry published in the Poets Voice. (read more)
A native of East St. Louis , Illinois , Johnnie Faye Fernandez (née Coleman) lived and worked in Paris , France for 20 years before returning to presently reside in Belleville , Illinois .  She has training and experience on-stage, on-and off-camera film, television and voice over acting and has enjoyed a long acting career in France and America . Her feature film credits include: the authoritarian cosmetology school director, "Ms. Bush," in Blockbuster's feature "HAIRDO U"; and Manny Miller, Vincent Purejoy's no-nonsense mother-in-law, in TAPESTRY OF SHADOWS. (read more)
Producer Joe Farmer fell into production quite by accident.  Although it had always been his dream to make movies, he opted for a more traditional career path spending several years in sales.  In 2000 he left the business world and followed his sister into production.  Over the past five years he as worked in various capacities for television shows such as Elimidate, Nanny 911, VH1's Remaking, and Sci Fi's Proof Positive.  (read more)

Ron Wilkinson creates his music from a varied background in drama and life experiences. Born and raised in San Francisco , he studied and wrote poetry while obtaining his B.A. degree from California State University San Francisco. He spent several years acting with theatre groups such as the Oakland Ensemble, The Freedom Troupe and as a musician in the cultural dance and music group "Wajumbe". He has an impressive list of credits in the television and film industries, with small roles in "Dirty Harry", "Mr. Billions" with Jackie Gleason, "The Chinese Connection" and "The Streets Of San Francisco". (read more)

Sean Brasfield, a native of St. Louis and member of Bethesda Temple Church under the honorable Bishop James A. Johnson, began to actively pursue his passion for acting in the fall of 2000. While attending Florissant Valley College , he was under the tutelage of Dan Betzler and received his first stage performance in the Japanese classic, "Shining Princess of the Slender Bamboo". That production lead to a role in Majestic Ensemble's; "The Inheritance" in 2002 and reprising that role in 2003 as well. Sean then headed back to the Terry Fischer Theatre as Tom Robinson in "To kill A Mockingbird" in late 2003.

Robert Nolan Clark, a regular on the St. Louis indie film scene, Robert has appeared in dozens of local and national film productions and commercials...including one international film. Recently in his directorial debut with the film short "Tiger Jake" was awarded a Silver Telly Award and was 1 of only 9 nominated by the Casting Society of America (CSA) for excellence in casting in short film subjects. This was an internationally open event with the top 3 nominees receiving an invitation to the Emmy Awards Ceremony. Robert can currently be seen on a national TV spot aired for the Big 12 Football Conference promoting sportsmanship...It aired all of the 2004 football season and played during all the post season bowl games including the national championship Sugar Bowl...and has been rescheduled for the 2005 season as well.

David Senne Obuile David Senne [Charles] hails from Botswana , a peaceful, beautiful country in the South of Africa . He has been in the USA , St. Louis , for a number of years. Obuile graduated from Webster University with a Bachelors of Arts in Video Production. Mr. Senne has produced and directed several small documentaries while at Webster and he is about to embark on a big production project very soon!

Al MacDonald is an army and radio veteran. He was a Telecommunications Specialist in Vietnam. He then began his radio career in 1973 in Omaha, Nebraska. He returned to St. Louis shortly afterward and worked at McDonnell-Douglas. In 1978 he went back to radio working for KWK. Al has four children: Angela, Alonzo Jr., Marcus, and Mario. His hobbies include reading, yoga, working out, and collecting antique radios. Favorite Quote: "It ain't rocket science" Favorite Scripture: James 5:11 Favorite Song: "I've Got A Testimony" by Rev. Clay Evans & the African American Religious

Weed attended Webster University for film production, Meramec College for still photography, and Southern Illinois University for acting. Wyatt landed his first film job in 1986 on the St. Louis portion of the Taylor Hackford - directed HAIL, HAIL, ROCK AND ROLL. Wyatt moved to Los Angeles in 1988did work on a variety of television shows and feature films, including STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, STAR TREK: VOYAGER, JAY-JAY THE JET PLANE, MUPPETS FROM SPACE, and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2. He recently returned to St. Louis permanently, writing and directing the short film TIMELINE, the music video RECAP, the 48 Hour Film Project BAG OF TRICKS, and recently contributed to the lighting, art department, and editing for TAPESTRY OF SHADOWS. (read more)

Born to the "Star Wars" generation, amidst throngs of would-be filmmakers, Jay A. Kelley, is emerging to be one of St. Louis 's greater promises for most likely to succeed. A phoenix, who calls himself a "story-teller" rather than a filmmaker, followed the mass of Lucasarian wanna-be's to the bowels of Los Angeles , and is now rising from the ashes of that following to cast his images under the guard of our very own arch. (read more)













Elaine Kluttz continued...  Primarily throughout her life, however, she has shared the role that many women share- the role of Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother to four children, Grandmother to eight, Mentor to many.

Elaine is currently a REST Coach, and founder of CoachLight Connections and the Women At REST organization. There she does life coaching through the REST ed Woman individual and group coaching programs, RESTSHOP Retreats, and Free REST ROBBERS Seminars. She has authored her first book, The RESTt Is Up To YOU!, YOUR REST Meditation Journal.

Elaine has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration to David Martyn Conley. She has been featured in his earlier work Confession and the current piece, Tapestry of Shadows. She is the Matriarch of Munirah and is really proud to be a part of this very inspirational piece. (back to top)














David Martyn Conley continued... From the tremendous success of this stage play Munirah was born. First as a touring theatre group, Munirah Theatre Group performed Tapestry and several other original works by David. Harboring a love for motion pictures, David evolved from the stage to creating movies. His first motion picture was a learning experience entitled Love and Loss. Once back in St. Louis , David created another motion picture, Confession. This movie enjoyed an encore engagement at the Midwest Entertainment Conference. The current Project, Tapestry of Shadows has been an eleven-year labor of Love for David. The script has been matured since the play and is now very close to the original vision. David is very excited about the way the motion picture has come together and the lives it is destined to touch. " This is a fantastic movie, with a wonderful cast and talented crew! It's going to be a great time!" (back to top)













Cara Sevier continued... As a child, I was educated in the best of schools- Villa de Maria (Montessori), Clark Elementary, Euclid Montessori, Marquette Middle School , Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, Xavier University of Louisiana, and finally Jewish Hospital College of Nursing and Allied Health. Little did I know, these schools were preparing me to one day discover my "true" self. The self that would ultimately lead to "success" and well yes. the materialization of prosperity in the form we all call money.

If one were to ask me how I would characterize myself as a child, my answer would be- a performer. I loved the stage. I took dance lessons from the famed Pelagie Green Wren dance studios and started playing the harp at the tender age of eight years old. I move throughout my formative years with scholastic achievement and a growing desire to perform. Then, we enter high school. How different. We were told we had to take a variety of arts the first two years in order to make sure we have a well rounded education.

The first semester I took dance and theater. Little did I know a seed was planted that would take root and grow to a sturdy tree fourteen years later as an actress. Along the way I discovered medical school may prove to be a bit daunting. A lot of sacrifices- more than I was willing to barter for my desire to express myself, would have to be made.

Luckily, the last semester at Xavier showed me my path. I was walking along the campus walkway when a photographer approached me and wanted to take my picture for a commercial in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I was told that I would be contacted if the producer liked my photo. I couldn't believe it. Just like that, the small seed, planted all those years ago got water for the first time, and the rest is history.

Now some may expect to see a long list of theater and/or ad work, but I offer a powerful, almost unheard of resume'. I have only had roles in two movies and starred in both. The first one was Confession for which I was chosen by the director, whom I had met two years before. The second one is Tapestry of Shadows- the best movie of the year 2006. For this one I won the role, competing against a lot of talented actresses at the audition. I am simply blessed to possess the gift of empathy, and it is my privilege to share it with the world. Watch out Hollywood , I introduce the world to Cara Sevier who lives in HolLOUwood!!!! (back to top)













Johnnie Faye Fernandez continued... "I'm usually cast in authoritarian or dramatic parts - probably because I'm 'of a certain age' AND I'm naturally bossy," she comments, "but I'm also very funny - just too shy to do stand-up comedy." A member of SAG and AFTRA, Johnnie says she plans to continue film acting until she "sails into the sunset" with her Spanish husband on the 44 ft. sailboat they've been refitting "before the sun sets on us!" (back to top)












Paris Crayton III continued... Paris is also a well known choreographer and dancer opening for such acts as "Earth, Wind, and Fire" and "50 Cent" He was the choreographer for Fontboone College dancers in St. Louis and Brooks College dancers in Long Beach CA . Now he making his mark in the playwriting buisness. His play "The Real Meaning of Christmas" was perfomed at the Harbor Light and was a big hit. The next project is a play call "In One Moment" one he wrote to raise money for the Hurricane victoms. Paris hopes to one day tour the world doing his plays and movies sharing with the world the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (back to top)












Demetrius Clay, Sr., continued... Demetrius Clay, Sr., was born in the city of Saint Louis, August 17.1973, but moved to Kansas City. He graduated from Central High School. Demetrius had a natural love for sports where he was a member of the track and football team. He won several state competitions. He also was introduced to his gift of writing in highschool. He was asked to write as an honorary member, for the Central High School yearbook. Mr. Clay attended Central Missouri State University, after college Mr. Clay, continued to write poetry, lyrics and producing music. He is married and has a beautiful family. He always had a love for the movies, and always spoke of oneday being an actor. The Tapestries of Shadows , under the direction of David Conley, is Mr. Clay's acting debut. (back to top)












Ja'Marcia Clay, Sr., continued... After graduation Ja'Marcia attended and performed with the semi professional Dance ensemble of Lincoln University, under the direction of Theresa Ferguson After college, she married and has a beautiful family. Ja'Marcia, continued to write songs and poetry. Tapestries of Shawdows is Mrs. Clay first professional acting debut , under the direction of David Conley. (back to top)












Jay A. Kelley continued...Achieving a degree in filmmaking at California Art Institute, Jay set out with his award fetching student films to ultimately work on such prestigious sets as" Star Trek V," "The Flash", "The Guyver", and "Murder, She Wrote."  While working as a stand-in and personal driver for Mark Hamill in "The Guyver", the two became good friends. Jay has worked with Jack Armstrong, Vivian Wo, et. al.  But, alas, freedom came, Jay learned, from acceptance of the fact that in Los Angeles he would only be working on films, not making them.  The pay was insufficient for the benefit, and Jay saw that he needed to take care of the basic needs of life before he could, without encumbrances, strive to be a director, a teller of stories.  This luminous truth brought him to the realization that if he was to be that which he aspired, he had to free himself of the illusive alluring of California , and so, after 11 years in Los Angeles he returned home to St. Louis .

Using his family business to provide income and security, Mr. Kelley financed his own projects and found the freedom to do the things he has always dreamed of doing. He came out strong with award winning shorts such as "Fatal Decisions" and the ground breaking science fiction picture "Redemption: Episode I". But cautious in nature, Jay also knew, in spite of his early success, that he was still a pup as a filmmaker.  He knew, unlike others in the area wishing to direct films, that he needed honing beyond his initial training, and that this was not done by taking on large projects like feature films.  He understood the medium was not what tells the story, and that expensive film or technically sophisticated equipment is not required.  He had the insight to see that what the brain sees, or more importantly, doesn't see, is what carries a story.  Jay believed that a story is but a collection of moments, and that elements used in making short films could be used to build a larger narrative.   To truly be a master, his logic went, he must work initially on short films and projects, doing his own editing, being his own critic.

This logic has paid off.  Jay's ability to "tell stories with his camera" has given him enough opportunities to allow him to create Dream Welder Productions. A full service production company which specializes in creative story telling.

Clients like Dateline, the St. Louis Symphony, Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, and the X-prize have come through Dream Welder's door in the past year alone. Recently Jay has brought his storytelling talents as a director of photography to Pirate Pictures "Timeline", written and directed by Wyatt Weed, a close friend of over 25 years. "Tiger Jake" Directed by Doveed Linder and Written by Rob Clark.  "Tapestry of Shadows" written and directed by David Conely represents Jay's first journey into the feature film world, again as a Director Of Photography.

It's been an incredible journey for Jay, and it looks like for us, his audience, the best is yet to come..

A St. Louis native, Kelley lives in Brentwood with his wife Diana and their one year old son, Joshua. (back to top)












Some of Wyatt Weed's earliest memories are of the movies. He vividly  remembers seeing 2001: A SPACE ODESSEY at age 4 and shortly  thereafter turning his living room floor into a moon base. Although  his parents indulged him in drawing, sculpture, and photography  classes, it was the release of Star Wars that inspired Wyatt to pick up a Super 8 mm film camera. Soon after, an obsession was born.

Moving from his hometown of Springfield, Illinois to St. Louis in 1980, Weed attended Webster University for film production, Meramec College for still photography, and Southern Illinois University for acting. He dabbled in American Cablevision's "public access" opportunities, introducing him to the growing field of video as well as live television. After a string of short film and video projects, Wyatt landed his first film job in 1986 on the St. Louis portion of the Taylor Hackford - directed HAIL, HAIL, ROCK AND ROLL.

Longing for bigger and better opportunities, Wyatt took the trek west to Los Angeles in 1988 and soon found himself working as a jack of all trades in a variety of television shows and feature films, including FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, STAR TREK: VOYAGER, LORD OF ILLUSIONS, JAY-JAY THE JET PLANE, MUPPETS FROM SPACE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2, and RED PLANET.

Wyatt soon moved from building miniatures and art department work into second unit directing and visual effect supervision on the features KUNG FU RASCALS, GUYVER: DARK HERO, and DRIVE. He also directed STAR RUNNERS, a science fiction television pilot. The pilot was purchased by Universal but unfortunately was never aired. Wyatt met fellow local producer Robert Clark while working on long- time friend Ted Smith's GUARDIAN OF THE REALM, and joined the St. Charles-based Pirate Pictures after the completion of that feature. He recently returned to St. Louis permanently, writing and directing the short film TIMELINE, the music video RECAP, the 48 Hour Film
>  Project BAG OF TRICKS, and recently contributed to the lighting, art department, and editing for TAPESTRY OF SHADOWS. He is currently prepping his feature directorial debut. (back to top)








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